Double charges on quick returns

Until yesterday I was pretty certain that London’s TLF innitiative to use oyster cards was the best invention in public transportation ever. Not any longer. They started to over complicate it while the simplicity was the king.

Usually oyster allows you to travel without thinking of what the best tarriff to use, as it will automatically set it up for you.

However, be careful. If you happen to pick someone or something at one station and then return, it is not working. It charged me twice £4.30 – the penalty it applies for “incomplete” journeys. Try talking t the Tube stuff and they will first blame it on you that youdid not touch in and out…

You will need to spend nearly an hour arguing about reimbursement. In the end of the day – they promice to send you a cheque… What a nonesense. Can’t they charge top up thecard.

Recently, TLF has introduced too much of restriction, so the system is far away from being pleasant. You need to keep an eye on it. And yes, don’t sent up automatic top-up – or you risk they will just eat your money.


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